Starting a DIY Van Build? Grab your copy of the Van Starter Guide
Van builds are complex and overwhelming, especially when you're just getting started. Get access to everything you'll need to know before you start your own van conversion. 
What's Inside...
  • FINDING THE RIGHT VAN: Which van should you choose? We'll cover the 3 most popular vans for van life.
  • PLANNING YOUR LAYOUT: What will be the most functional layout for your needs? 
  • DO YOU REALLY NEED A BATHROOM? Is a toilet and shower a must? We'll discuss the pros and cons.
  • VAN BUILD ESSENTIALS: Don't skimp on these essentials! You should do these 4 things first before starting your van build.
  • WINDOWS & WINDOW PLACEMENT: Wondering if you should install windows? We'll discuss the benefits of windows and where to put them.
  • INSULATING YOUR VAN: The great debate! We'll go over what's really important when it comes to insulation.
  • SOLAR, ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING: Avoid costly mistakes by following these electrical basics
  • VENTILATION, HEAT & A/C: Thinking about air conditioning? We'll discuss the realities of a/c, ventilation and heat in a van.
  • PLUMBING & WATER FILTRATION: We'll share what plumbing basics you need as well has having filtered drinking water.
  • KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Wondering if you need an expensive RV fridge or what cooktop to get? We'll break it all down.
About Sara & Alex
In 2017, Sara & Alex sold everything in their 1,500 square foot house to live and travel in a self-converted Sprinter Van. Fast forward 2 years later and thousands of miles on the road, they've now built 5 custom Sprinter Vans and love helping others get started in van life.
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